Buying from giant corporations using a local label is the surest way to kill off the local food movement!

One of the Bay Area’s most famous sustainable farming operations has been sold to Perdue.  Perdue  also bought the maker of Rocky and Rosy chickens, with less fanfare.   The story doesn’t mention that. It also doesn’t challenge anything said.  Have they stopped using antibiotics as the reporter tells us?

The story says Foster Farms claims to have stopped raising antibiotics?  Foster Farms ads are so false they qualify as lies.  I just saw an ad with two actor/chickens (presumably from some competitor) who are told they can’t get on the Foster Farms truck because its only for Foster Farms chickens which “have no added hormones”  They boast about this often.   Hormones  are illegal in chickens and have been illegal for MORE THAN 50 years.  Meat chickens grow so fast that it would be crazy to feed them hormones.

So the little guys selling out is BAD NEWS.

Here are some marketing ploys that have been distorted

Free Range- Can mean inside a huge barn where they are HOT never see the sun, never eat a veggie ever and never go outdoors.  When there is a backyard to the giant chicken factory, the chickens are conditioned not to use it, or the outside area is tiny.  Some operations in the UK are doing a little better but “Free Range” means pretty much nothing in the US.

CAGE FREE- All meat chickens are raised outside of cages, always have been.  Laying hens in some cage free operations are more packed in, more unhealthy than even the horrible caged chickens

VEGE FED or Vegetarian chicken or eggs.- Biggest lie/joke of all.  Chickens NEED 20 percent animal protein. The vege fed chickens are fed AWFUL synthetic proteins.

ORGANIC- This means they were fed organic feed, a slight improvement but with their lives the same, packed into barns with thousands of others, the chickens are not more healthy.

All Natural- means nothing.   Ill have more info on this later.  I recommend buying from a farmer you know. Rocky-Rosy and the like have done more to kill off the local chicken revival than Tyson-FF and Perdue put together!

verification of this possible.  Does it include standard baby chick feed (which is what most people in town buy for their chicks sadly) which is laced with antibiotics.  Here is something else. The story says Tyson has stopped using Antibiotics.  What Tyson actually said is they will not use antibiotics used in human medicine .BIG DIFF Chron!


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