Let’s adopt some rescue chickens— with caution!

Here are 500 chickens that need new homes.  They were taken from a “free range” farm.  Free range means nothing, as the industry uses it as a boldface lie.  Rocky-Rosie chickens have been described as “free range” for being able to walk around inside a big barn.  Meat chickens are never kept in cages anywhere, meaning they are ALL free range.

Industrial operations have a problem when their chickens slow down on laying.  Most just kill them.  Some, particularly in the UK put them up for adoption. You are helping industry solve its problem.   Lobby to have them create MORE humane circumstances in the first place.

If you want to adopt these chickens, Ill work with you, email me.  We need to find out—   1.  The Circumstances they lived under especially why they were taken away, and how much space they had.  2.  Chickens that are too crowded will have many diseases that your chickens won’t have.

Industrial chicken farming has created many super deadly strains of Marek’s disease.  These did not exist before industrial farming.  Were these vaccinated for Marek’s?    If not, its actually better.  The vaccine doesn’t stop the disease from being shed.  Thanks to abused, low priced industrial chickens, Marek’s now exists everywhere.  There are three very deadly strains that have recently been created by industrial operations.  You don’t want those. You actually want a milder strain.  More on that later.  But the main thing is IF THEY HAVE enough space and are not kept in cages, they will suffer far less mortality from Marek’s.  Read the veterinary Merck Manual online for Marek’s.

If you bring these chickens to your farm, you can easily bring diseases that can stay permanently in your soil.  This is how Marek’s has become uniquitous.  Some of the recent varieties of Salmonella are equally hard to get rid of.  These have been created and threaten the existence of chickens due to all you people who think $20 local chickens are too expensive!  The price you pay is TORTURE for the chickens every minute of their hellish lives and horrible diseases being created for humans. To me, the worst to me are these phony organic and “vege-fed” grocery store birds.  Chickens are not vegetarians.   They require 20 percent animal protein.  Bugs give it to them when they live naturally.  These chickens are fed dreadful synthetic chemical proteins in place of animals, so shoppers can buy “vege-fed” NOT HEALTHIER!!

If you get these birds, see if they have had any dead ones tested at UC Davis. Demand the report or that they send a dead one in.  Davis will show what diseases they had, which is vital if you are going to mix with other birds.  Young birds are particularly vulnerable to diseases.  If you have a lot of birds less than 6 months old, getting these chickens could be fatal to them- or even to young chickens you might have next year.

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