Meet the Parents for our baby chick program!

More baby chicks are 18 days away!


Red Giant Farms 2016 Hatch- (Meet the Parents below)

There are 4 kinds of birds we will be hatching this year. All are sold straight run for $5 (unsexed) on day 2 and after.

OR we offer a rooster return-exchange service as an option for $10 each. You get a new chicken or yours processed and returned to you ready to eat under that program. Roosters are delicious up to about 7 months of age.

Meet the Parents!

(Below is the first of our 7 breeding flocks.  There is a full Bresse hen setting on eggs in there right now.  You can order those hatchlings now)

You can also come meet parent birds by appointment.

We also sell Hatching eggs for $15 per dozen for the three below. $10 for assorted layers in our top quality Sportsman Hatcher.. We pick only the best quality eggs for hatching, using weight, age and parentage.

#1 Mendo Meatie

Large fast growing birds (6-12 pounds), ready to eat in 10-16 weeks. Various colors (see parent stock)

These are my favorite, to be used pretty much only for meat, although I have some that are pets. They eat a little more than average chickens and don’t lay well.( 2-4 eggs per week in summer) They grow to full size in about 10 weeks, at which point you could/should eat them. (Best before 6 months. These are crosses I have made originating with the CornishX . They are between 1/8 and ½ Cornish X. The CornishX is the store meat chicken, the world’s number one farm animal. On my farm, these birds live full lives, breed and create offspring without the weaknesses of the parents.

Read more about the CornishX here:


#2 Noyo Naked Neck

This is the flock featured below.  All picked to be decent to excellent layers and decent to spectacular meat chickens.  We are calling them Naked Necks but you see the mix. Turkens grow to full size in 5-7 months, start laying at about 6 months. Size varies 4-10 pounds. Most are smaller than the meatie, with an above average breast. (one of the best for meat among layer breeds) They are solid layers laying 5-7 eggs per week in summer, less in winter

Friendly, charming, unique. Take a look. Thanks to a mutation that happened in Transylvania in 1770s, they have no feathers on the neck. This makes them look funky, cool and often truly beautiful.

See the article on my blog about the history and vitality of the Naked Necks:


#3 Bresse BraggerX-

The world’s best tasting chicken is the Bresse. The French protected this bird for more than a century, but we got ours through Greenfire Farms through local friends. Many reviewers have concluded that the Bresse of France is as delicious as advertised. The baby birds would be full, 1/2 or 1/4 American Bresse.  The other portions are also known and include Jersey Giant or Americana. They lay about 5 eggs per week in summer.

Read the fascinating history of La Bresse here:


#4 MendoStein Buddy Birds


These are the most friendly and brightest of our birds. The differential between the average and the smartest is huge! These are smaller birds and likely to be excellent layers.



Baby Chicks $5 each on day three straight run

For $10 each also offer rooster return service and one free visit to evaluate your farm and identify potential problems.  (minimum five chicks for the visit) .


What is rooster return service?

You bring chicks back later and get your money back- or an exchange (if available).  In the alternative, you grow them up, bring them over and we will also slaughter and process the rooster for you,  cut up and frozen (or fresh) and ready to eat.


We are in the process of being NPIP certified.  However, we have tested many times for the NPIP pathogens and NEVER found any here. We follow all their protocols. We will be doing more random tests.

I also have all my chickens who die tested at UC Davis.  The last report shows no pathogens and we tested for Salmonella, Campylobacter, Pullorum, plus fungal infections, lead and other possible issues.  All negative.  (heart attack was the cause of death in big CornishX roosters)

Meet the parents Noyo Naked Neck Wine Barrel flock



Head hen of the flock Full Silver Laced Wyandotte Molly Brownie-  Molly has tons of personality and makes the prettiest babies on the farm.  They have also been wonderful dual purpose chickens, laying great and having nice body structure and wonderful vitality.

Her babies will be easily recognized from the colors they have at birth and their attitude!

Mad Whitey.JPGThe dad of this flock is Mad Whitey, son of our HUGE white rock Mighty Whitey and Mad Max, whose parents were among our finest chickens, he was half Americana.  Read more about the Naked neck below.  Mad Whitey weighs 11 pounds and ALMOST NEVER CROWS.

Its not for lack of testosterone, based on his busy sex life.  He is as good a meat chicken as most CornishX, with a large breast and great body shape.  Until I clipped his wings he was sleeping 20 feet off the ground in the trees.  NOT such a great idea BIG guy!  He is very gentle both with hens and humans.  I had to painfully cull and eat many inferior naked necks before Mad Whitey, now Im glad I waited…

fifionnest.JPGThis full blooded Bresse is on the nest with about a dozen eggs you can order.  Read about the Bresse below.  ITs the world’s best tasting chicken.  She originated with Greenfire Farms and came thorough local friends.  Wonderful steady layer and also well shaped for meat.


MZ Bball is the oldest hen in this flock being about 3 and raised here from a feed store baby.  She weighs 9 pounds and is a steady layer of very large eggs.  She is very subdued and about midway down the pecking order despite being the elder.  She is shy but wily and a wonderful chicken who seems to meditate most of the day.  She is a full blooded Jersey Giant.


Ms Marmalade is very exciting to me. I can’t wait to see her young.  Her grandfather was our much beloved CornishX patriarch Big Tex, who defied every stereotype of CornishX and lived 18 months, with much sadness here when he died of a heart attack one day way out in the pasture.   Big Tex mated with a smallish Golden Sex Link, producing a hen, who mated with a Red Ranger Rooster.  She lays well, but not as well as the others here.  She weighs 10 pounds and is full of vitality.

Newhampshire.JPGFull blood New Hampshire hen beauty, not yet laying at just under 5 months old, purchased at Hwy 20 Feed.  She should compete with most as a layer.  New Hampshires are also excellent meat chickens.   They were the winner crossed with Cornish in the great competition of the 1940s that led to the modern meat chicken.  .


The bottom hen is lovely MZ BB.  Above her is a half Jersey Giant (dad) and half plymouth rock.  She lays great but is smallish for a meat chicken.

white.JPGThis hen embodies so much of what I believe in and what I am doing.  A little over two years ago we purchased a bunch of Ideal Hatchery’s super layers.  Guaranteed not to be broody.  Wonderful leghorns but the first thing one did was go into the woods and lay eggs in a frekkin tree crook about 15 feet off the ground.  She brooded it all the way through despite being maimed by a raccoon and losing most of the eggs along the way. (That’s when I found her) This chicken was a survivor of that brood.  The dad was a black australorp.  She is the champion layer of the farm still and has a nice breast, completely unlike the Ideal.


Born here, this hen had two full TURKEN parents.  Read about the Naked Neck below.  The babies will be very easily recognized.  Decent layers, extraordinary personalities and good meats if you wish.  Sleeping unauthorized in the repurposed wine barrow.


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