Mendostein Mama and four beautiful baby chicks for sale $40


SOLD on Feb. 11.


Hatched today, Feb. 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day, this is another renegade flock. Mama here, who is a small chicken, wriggled into an old nest I had closed up and literally rearranged the furniture. I had stuffed it full with buckets and old tools.  She made a little nest way back in there. Out they came on Thursday!



$25 for a WONDERFUL  broody mama and $5 each for 4 chicks, minus $5 discount for taking them all, $40!  This mother is part malay and part americana. She will brood for you over and over and will protect the babies from the ravens (most can’t).   She is very friendly (unless you are messing with the chicks) and very smart.

This is my MENDOSTEIN pet chicken line.  She is not a meat bird by any measure.  One of the four chicks is absolutely a hen (the orange one that is twice as big as the black ones)  There are only 3 chicks in the photo as the fourth one escaped me in the house.  Being they are less than a day old, I don’t want to disturb them.




Mama is seen snuggling under her friend Okie, the half CornishX half white rock daughter of Big Tex, our first CornishX breeder.  She also pecked me when I took the babies!   The chicks are all under her, up in the wing of the little brown mama. She is about 2-3 pounds and Okie is 11 pounds!. Mama looks bigger than she is because she is all fluffed out.  Mama’s secret house meant the babies got away pretty quick and she had to leave the rest of her eggs.  I found them too late.


This little chick has a cool mask.  I can’t tell for sure if its a pullet or too, but the feathers look like HEN.  Take a look.













DSCF0249 - Version 2.JPG

Wing sexing on day 1– if there are shorter stubs alongside the longer stubs, its a pullet. If all are the same length, its a roo.




Next up is the biggest chick, a pullet and future HEN for sure.


Pictures of the two black ones didn’t turn out very well.

They are very vigorous as is mama!



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