Meet the parents- Big Big Mommas!

This is a small MENDO MEATIE meet the parents flock.  Two are full CornishX. One is 19 pounds!!  The third one, Okie, was born here, half CornishX and half white rock.  Her dad was Big Tex her momma was Mighty Whitey, an enormous white rock.  Okie is the last one here.



Okie is about 11 pounds, the other 12 pounds.  Okie is seen in the back. She has a very distinct facial expression and a bit of yellowIMG_0290.JPG


Here is the big 19 pound girl!  She is very active, seems to have a good heart too. Give her a name!  She deserves one.



The rooster, Kevin,  is a very young boy, just started to crow and these were indeed his first loves.  He was scared of them at first and they chased him, until they got to know him.  He still tiptoes around them.  They only lay about 5 eggs total per week and will be put in with other CornishX based flocks in any order.


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