Meet the Parents Big Hoss is now 21 Pounds!

As far as I can tell, I am the only breeder in AMERICA selling naturally raised, naturally conceived CornishX crosses. The grocery store meat chicken, bred by the likes of Cobb. Are there folks over the pond breeding these? I would love to hear from anyone who is breeding these naturally and growing them, like me without confinement. Let’s take this breed BACK for the commons! Shown is just one of my 4 CornishX flocks. This big MENDO MEATIE meat bird, Big Hoss, standing amidst his hens is 21 pounds, 13 months old and the most ardent breeder on the farm. Get this- Big Hoss had a tussle in the back pasture with some sort of predator that pulled out some of his feathers, but which he also CHASED AWAY! Hoss doesn’t look as big as he really is, because my hens are big too, my big red meat bird in the foreground is 11 pounds! , The Copper Marans shown in the flock are bigger than average as is the Brahma-Bresse cross pair. This big grocery store CornishX boy, born almost anywhere else, would have lived a life of HELL, or at best for 6-8 weeks then into the pot. I LOVE this breed and believe we can take it back from the corporate powers!!! I only sell locally for now. Those who do order this big boys offspring WILL get a fabulous meat chicken (as long as they are raised on pasture and NOT confined or indoors) BUT the biggest issue is maturity. The offspring MAY mature in 8 weeks or it may take 5 or even 6 months. The guy hiding behind the wine barrel is also giant cornishX 18 pounds and lives a bit in fear of the really big guy. But when he comes out of hiding, he breaks off a few hens and takes them off and breeds with them. These grocery store chickens are REAL chickens, despite the darkest intents of corporate breeders… Id love to hear from others breeding this chicken. Only about 1 out of 5 of these big boys turns out to be an excellent breeder and this is the best one ever. They often die of congestive heart failure… Read the life of Big Hoss from earlier in a blog entry below.

bigcornish.JPGBig Hoss is shown above and below


The cochin at center is Silver Pants, head hen of this flock.  She grew to full size in 8 weeks!  Her offspring so far have not followed suit.

The rooster below is Little Bro.  Big Hoss is fairly mean to him, not too CornishX like.  Little Bro goes into the farmhouse when Big Hoss is on the back 40 and Bro gets hens that way.



I have 4 varieties for sale this year,  Mendo Meatie, Mendostein pet Chicken, Noyo Naked Neck and Bresse Bragger.  None are “full blood”  They are chosen for the vitality, breast, intelligence and general health of the birds, not for breed specific qualities.

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