Meet the parents-CornishX and MalayX


The MENDO MEATIE breeders here are POW! and Bub (bottom).  POW is very healthy while Bub has the heart that is too small. You can see congestive heart failure in the purple comb.  He is just over a year old and about 19 pounds   POW is “only” 15 pounds and about 8 months old.  POW is the boss but does not pick on Bub.  There was a small rooster that picked at Bub, bloodied his comb, chased him.  CornishX don’t fight back much and are not too aggressive as a rule.   But one day Bub had enough and smashed the rooster against a pallet while pulling his feathers out.  It was fatal.  He isn’t mean, he was just sick of being picked on every day.  Don’t pick on a guy 3x your size!


There are malay crosses in this block but I realized that i missed them with the camera.   The flock is diverse and good layers.  For anybody who buys the MendoMeatie hatching eggs or baby chicks, these are the parents.


A Bresse and a speckled sussex/with Americana are in this parent group.



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