Beware the mama: How to give incubator babies to a mother hen.

You have to watch these all the way to the end to get the best moment.  You won’t believe what happens to the camera man when he gets the camera to close to broody mama!


Want to incubate eggs and have them raised by a real mama?   That’s where we were here on March 1.



Fortunately, Cake, one of our American Bresse and still a haughty Frenchie girl was broody.  She had been on the nest only three days.  The time on the nest doesn’t seem to matter.

The first thing to do is get ready for what we do next.  Above  is the video of the setup the mama will need to move to AFTER she takes the babies.  We are going to try to get her to take all 50-60 we hatched.

The next two videos introduce you to mama and the babies.  COLOR of babies is very important.  Not all mamas will accept all colors.  We had a mother with all black babies.  She took more black babies when we added them, but she tried to kill white babies.

The last video shows a lOT of darkness sorry, but the ending is pretty darn funny.   The camera and cameraman both paid the price for getting too close to mama..


Ok, its not going so well.   When incubator chickens are put with a momma they do something they never do if hatched by her, they wander.  I heard screeching and found one out on the floor away from the nest box.  She was fine but could not find her way back.  Mamma accepted her back.  Then it got worse, a black naked neck had a little bit of the egg stuck to him.  we hoped she would pick it off. She rejected him and hurt him by pecking the little fella.  I took him out, but he may not make it.  she has accepted the other 11. I have seen baby chicks reject the mother too in one case, despite her best efforts.  We will know how well this is going tomorrow.  Momma got out at one point!  But she went back in and put these babies all back under her.  That’s when she kicked the little Turken out of the nest.  Might be because of the naked neck, or maybe because he was black or had egg material on him





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