My four chicken varieties at day 4


I am breeding and selling four varieties: On left- a Mendostein Smart Chicken- a mixture of our incredible Speckled Sussex, the best Americanas, Plymouth Rock and Copper Maran.   We picked and pick the smartest and most vital chickens . They will be smaller and lay better than others.

Noyo Naked Neck- At least 1/4 Transylvanian Naked neck with the distinct marking- no feathers on her neck.   The Naked Neck has been bred with the best layers and most vital chickens on the place.   Naked necks are good dual purpose birds

Mendo Meatie- the big guy is a meat breed, but this girl should lay good as her line is 1/4 Jersey Giant, 1/4 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 1/4 White Rock and 1/4 not positive, but one of the layers.  Dad is nearly 14 pounds. MOST of the MendoMeaties have CornishX in them.  This gal will take about 5 months to grow.  Those with the CornishX will take about half that time on average. But they will not be as good of layers.

Bresse Bragger- This one is 1/4 Bresse and 1/2 Freedom Ranger.

(These 4 are for sale at special sale price of $10, due to rain). I will post other examples of my lines here.

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