Industrial free meat chickens in action


These are my industrial free meat birds. I bred them using CornishX  or in a few cases a Jersey Giant/Wyandotte Rooster.

The hens mixed with are Copper Maran, American Bresse, Freedom Ranger, Red Ranger, New Hampshire, Cornish (not the cross), white rock and jersey giant.

They all come in faster than any chickens I’ve had before, but not as fast as the industrial chickens. I have not had ANY so far with health problems seen in the commercial CornishX.

I am breeding them to sell, but there isn’t anybody around here who understands that.  This video is shot on the farm of a great farmer who is interested and has great pasture.

Industrial hatcheries are the number one source of disease.  We need a breeding program outside industrial. What I want is meat birds you can buy and keep and make more meat birds.  They won’t lay quite as well as others, but still fairly good and the chicks will be much, much better eats.

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