FrankselfieFrank Hartzell is a lifelong journalist who has been at chicken farming even longer- if you count gram and gramps farm!  I now raise chickens for meat and eggs and am researching and learning.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Frank, Please include a section in you book the best chickens for pets and for urban dwellers. Don’t bring up butchering them. Nobody i know would ever dream of eating their pets. Also, could you find a breeder willing to create a rooster that does not crow? Good luck with the book Tom


    1. Chickens for Pets (or at least breeding) is critically important to what Im trying to get people to do- create a backyard chicken for eating and eggs and pets that won’t come with disease. Any chicken you raise naturally and humanely is one that escapes the horrors of the industrial food system. We have 20 billion chickens on earth. We can’t have them as pets. Id like to show a way HALF Of them could be raised humanely, even if for food


  2. I agree with your reply. The food industry is horrifyingly cruel to the very creatures that line their pockets with gold. Due, I believe to the overwhelmingly sense of powerlessness Americans are experiencing, we have lost sight of simple humane reason in the face of a world that has become increasingly uncertain. Being the top dog in the world has its consequences even in a democracy.


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