Nicholas Nassim Taleb points out in his book “Antifragile” that there is no antonym in the English language for “fragile”.  “Robust is NOT the opposite of fragile.  As Taleb shows, the opposite of fragile is something that grows stronger when tested.  Robust just survives the test in good shape. Read his book to see how the failure to understand this concept is at the root of many problems of modern society.

This blog is about how the ANTIFRAGILE concept applies to chicken farming.  The USDA and all of the modern chicken industry seeks to protect the fragile chicken. They seek to outlaw the antifragile chicken.  I seek to raise the ANTIFRAGILE chicken.

Their chickens are packed into poop filled barns needing to be protected by antibiotics from routine pathogens of the chicken yard.

My antifragile chicken lives outside and is reinforced with probiotic bacteria, oregano and such.  Our birds live in spacious, clean houses.

They violate one of the cardinal principles of humanity since the Stone Ages- never eat sick animals.  These animals are so stressed they are sick their whole lives. They are so miserable and depressed they must have THEIR BEAKS CUT OFF!!!  Or they peck the next chicken as part of their stressful, terrible lives. No chicken I have ever had has pecked another chicken like that. If a chicken is ever getting bullied, I remove it to another pen.

I put my chickens outside and in danger at day 2 of their lives- just as mother chickens do. They gain strength from the daily assaults of life.  The weakest die.  I stopped vaccinating my chickens and gave them the tools to survive- sun- good food, clean water, clean coop and exercise from day 2.  They are more than robust and resilient.  They are antifragile. If they met factory chickens, the factory chickens would likely all die.

The absolute proof is in the pot.  EAT one of my chickens and I guarantee you will be converted.  You will never go back to the FAKE organic chickens, the RIDICULOUS “VegFed” chickens and eggs, or Foster Farms, or Tyson or any of those stressed-sick tortured animals!

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